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Welcome to the new SB&F Online!
Welcome to the SB&F Editor's Blog. I am Maria Sosa, Editor-in-Chief of SB&F. Through this blog I hope to interact with the SB&F community and post news and information related to science books, videos, authors, opportunities and other topics of interest to our readers. I hope you find the blog useful and entertaining. Please, join the conversation by posting a comment on our Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you!


The SB&F team has been working very hard over the past several months to create a new online presence for the journal. Long before this new site began being developed, the editors and staff of SB&F were envisioning an online home for SB&F that would allow our subscribers instant, easy access to reliable reviews and a more personalized experience with the journal. With the launch of the new site today, our vision has become a reality! We really hope you enjoy the new format and features of the site. One thing will certainly remain that same as we move forward and get comfortable with our new online home: our commitment to providing quality science material reviews to our subscribers.

So, welcome and thank you for joining us! We’ve come a long way and I am thrilled to finally be able to write my first blog entry on the new site.

I’d like to use this first entry to introduce our readers to some of the new features of SB&F Online. Now in an online-only format, SB&F offers thousands of book, DVD, website, and software package reviews, designed to help our subscribers efficiently navigate the modern information landscape.

Looking for the latest issue of SB&F? Subscribers can visit the Current Issue section to view and download a printable version of the journal. In the past, if you have enjoyed reading and sharing with your colleagues the paper journal, not to worry, this is still an option with the new SB&F Online! Each new issue will be available for download in the Current Issue section. Missing an issue? Check out the SB&F Archives to download past issues, dating back to 1998.

Go to current issue online.

View printable PDF version of current issue.

SB&F has been creating our Best Books lists for more than 20 years. We’ll continue to put together these useful collection development tools. Subscribers can visit the Best Books section to view the latest list, get a sneak peek at some of the books vying for a position on next year’s list or view previous years’ lists.

AAAS Book Talks are available to all registered users. Book Talks are bimonthly podcasts where the editors of SB&F talk with children’s and young adult science book authors. The podcasts are great tools to use in the science or literature classroom, or the library.

And don’t forget to check out the SB&F Prize section to view this year’s 2009 SB&F Prize winners and read special features on each book, including online lessons and author interviews.

These are just some of the features available on the new SB&F Online. Please take some time to look around and let us know what you think!

Posted 28 Jul 2009 6:57 AM by Heather Malcomson
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