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There's an app for that....according to Seymour Simon!
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Best-Selling Children's Author Seymour Simon Builds Mobile App "Science Fun to Go" on YAPPER

Free App Targeted to Parents, Teachers & Librarians for iPhone, iPad & Android Users

SachManya, creators of award-winning YAPPER (Your APP makER), an online, easy-to-use self-service mobile application maker, and award-winning children's science writer Seymour Simon debut their first mobile app built on YAPPER, called "Science Fun To Go." This free app will be available on iPhone, iPad and Android and will serve as a one-stop resource for the work of award-winning author Seymour Simon, featuring a direct feed of his Blog, content from, audience interactivity, exciting new "Read-To-Me" functionality, lots of humor making it fun to learn and an enviable amount of content from the author whom the New York Times dubbed "the Dean of the [children's science book] field."

Seymour Simon is known for striking photo essay books as well as illustrated books for younger readers. The app will feature a simple and easy way to purchase Seymour Simon mobile books, using YAPPER's built in-app purchase capability via PayPal. Science Fun To Go uses PayPal's new Adaptive Payments APIs to allow seamless payment transactions.

The Science Fun To Go mobile applications were built on the YAPPER mobile publishing platform. YAPPER (Your APP makER) allows anyone to simply and affordably build a mobile application for iPhone®, AndroidT, Blackberry® and iPad® without writing a single line of code, all at an affordable price (from $99-$999). The company offers an easy-to-use online service for media organizations, publishers and brands to create their own mobile optimized, rich and branded apps for mobile devices and tablets. 

Science Fun To Go - Fun, Learning & Innovation

Whether a student, parent or educator is looking to learn, explore or better understand the natural sciences, space, animals, or the human body, Science Fun To Go will serve as a "go to" mobile destination for up-to-date science news, in-depth coverage of all types of topics, exciting video, online quizzes, plus preview and purchase of mobile books from Seymour Simon.

The app will also include the option to purchase an exclusive, original eBook by Seymour Simon and illustrator Dennis Kendrick, entitled SILLY DINOSAUR RIDDLES with new "Read To Me" or "Let Me Read" options. The newly published book will be available only through the Science Fun To Go app for the first 30 days.

"SachManya with its YAPPER mobile publishing platform was my first choice as a place to build Science Fun To Go," says Simon. "It represents a new milestone in making it easier for my content to reach even more teachers, parents and science education professionals. And I know my primary audience - elementary school kids - will love reading my books in a digital format. I couldn't be happier with the results of this new platform for my work."  

"We're pleased to offer a robust, mobile-publishing platform for a wonderful man with amazing content like Seymour Simon, said Chintu Parikh, Chief YAPPER and CEO of SachManya. "We're providing a fast and affordable way for publishers, authors and brands to mobilize their content, engage with their communities and via in-app purchase monetize. By working with Seymour Simon and leveraging the PayPal X platform, we are able to innovate and evolve in the mobile app market."

Among the features in the new Science Fun To Go app:

  • Science news from the Seymour Science Blog
  • Science Jokes and Riddles" from
  • Sneak previews of mobile books which can be purchased and downloaded directly within the app
  • "Silly Dinosaur Riddles," illustrated by Dennis Kendrick, featuring innovative "Read to Me" functionality
  • Videos, including an interview with Seymour Simon and trailers for his newest Collins/Smithsonian books
  • "Fact or Fiction" quiz with new questions featured each week.

Seymour Simon has been touring schools and demonstrating his Science Fun To Go app to students and educators, with recent destinations including Dilworth Elementary School (San Jose, CA) and schools throughout the metropolitan Dallas area. He will also demonstrate this new digital literacy medium as a featured speaker at both the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) and IRA (International Reading Association) conventions this year.

Posted 9 Dec 2010 9:36 AM by Heather Malcomson
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