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Welcome to the SB&F Editor's Blog. I am Maria Sosa, Editor-in-Chief of SB&F. Through this blog I hope to interact with the SB&F community and post news and information related to science books, videos, authors, opportunities and other topics of interest to our readers. I hope you find the blog useful and entertaining. Please, join the conversation by posting a comment on our Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you!

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  • Resources on Earthquakes & Tsunamis

    The massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 has caused much devastation to this island nation. News and footage of the earthquake and its resulting damage can be seen all over 24 hour news programs and the Internet. Mobile phones capture photos and video and instantly make them available to the world. These images seen by children and young adults are sure to ignite many questions about the causes of these violent nature disasters. Create a teaching moment by offering up books and reliable web sites to answer their questions. Here are a few recommended resources for children and young adults on earthquakes and tsunamis: How Stuff Works: Eathquakes USGS...      Read more...
    Published 15 Mar 2011 12:26 PM by Heather Malcomson
  • The lives of scientists, current issue and web resources

    This month’s issue of SB&F is devoted to biographies of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians for all age groups. The issue contains an essay by Mike Venezia, author of the Getting to Know the World's Greatest Inventors & Scientists series (Scholastic) about writing biographies for children and also a list of SB&F recommended biographies for both children and adults. The web has many great interactive features profiling the men and women of science, past and present. We’ve uncovered some of the best online resources devoted to the lives of scientists and highlighted them below. The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers      Read more...
    Published 2 Aug 2010 8:00 AM by Heather Malcomson
  • The Science of the Oil Spill brought to you by Science magazine

    For 44 days the government has been scrambling to clean up and abate the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as the public stands by waiting, hoping for a solution. The numbers are bleak: 12,000 to 19,000 barrels a day are pouring into the gulf. Assuming a rate of 19,000 barrels a day, about 35 million gallons of oil have been spilled to date (from the National Incident Command’s Flow Rate Technical Group). Researchers now believe that the oil will reach not only the Gulf Coast beaches, but East Coast beaches as far north as Cape Hatteras, NC as well. News of the oil spill is abundant online, on TV, in newspapers. But if you are really interested in the science behind the spill check out Science...      Read more...
    Published 4 Jun 2010 7:14 AM by Heather Malcomson
  • Seymour Simon launches new website

    One of my very favorite children’s science book authors has re-launched a kid-friendly, fun, colorful, smart new website. After poking around the site this week, I thought it was definitely worth mentioning to our readers. Seymour Simon is a recipient of the SB&F Prize Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant contributions to children’s science literature. Seymour’s interest in science and passion for bringing science to kids shines through on his new website, . The new site is easily navigable by children and is full of noteworthy features for children, parents and teachers. For children there are science jokes and riddles, an online science dictionary...      Read more...
    Published 20 Apr 2010 1:34 PM by Heather Malcomson
  • Resources on infectious disease & vaccines

    Flu season is upon us and with the addition of the H1N1 flu strain this year everyone is on high alert. There is certainly no shortage of advice and information out there on staying healthy. From bloggers, to newscasters, to neighbors, everyone has an opinion. SB&F would like to help arm our readers with solid, reliable information, not only on communicable diseases, like the flu, but also on the origins of Germ Theory (the theory proposing that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases; now the cornerstone of modern medicine) and the history of vaccination. Empower yourself, your patrons, and your students with information to help everyone form educated opinions. Below you will find...      Read more...
    Published 22 Oct 2009 1:10 PM by Heather Malcomson
  • Resources for the science and math teacher

    SB&F’s new online format offers us more flexibility in providing content to our subscribers. While in print, SB&F was published bimonthly. Six issues a year allowed us to keep printing and postage costs down. Now that SB&F is an online journal we are going to be posting a new issue online each month. So, instead of waiting every two months to read new reviews subscribers will be able to access the new online issue each month. (Don’t forget to check the Reviews section weekly for new reviews too!) Our very first monthly issue, the September issue , is online now and available to our subscribers. Visit the Current Issue section to view and download the issue. The September...      Read more...
    Published 4 Sep 2009 1:04 PM by Heather Malcomson
  • More recommended "green" resources

    By now I hope you’ve had a chance to read our feature article in the July/August issue of SB&F entitled, " Are You Green Yet? Resources to Inspire Eco-Friendly Living ." (This article is available to subscribers only.) In the article we recommend resources with tips to help children and adults reduce their carbon footprint. Along with eco-friendly advice, the books also include information to help readers increase their knowledge and understanding of hot topic environment issues. As is usually the case, as soon as we put the list of resources together for the article another interesting title shows up on my desk that deserves to be mentioned. The new book from Island Press...      Read more...
    Published 21 Aug 2009 2:08 PM by Heather Malcomson