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Welcome to the SB&F Editor's Blog. I am Maria Sosa, Editor-in-Chief of SB&F. Through this blog I hope to interact with the SB&F community and post news and information related to science books, videos, authors, opportunities and other topics of interest to our readers. I hope you find the blog useful and entertaining. Please, join the conversation by posting a comment on our Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you!

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  • Resources on infectious disease & vaccines

    Flu season is upon us and with the addition of the H1N1 flu strain this year everyone is on high alert. There is certainly no shortage of advice and information out there on staying healthy. From bloggers, to newscasters, to neighbors, everyone has an opinion. SB&F would like to help arm our readers with solid, reliable information, not only on communicable diseases, like the flu, but also on the origins of Germ Theory (the theory proposing that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases; now the cornerstone of modern medicine) and the history of vaccination. Empower yourself, your patrons, and your students with information to help everyone form educated opinions. Below you will find...      Read more...
    Published 22 Oct 2009 1:10 PM by Heather Malcomson