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Welcome to the SB&F Editor's Blog. I am Maria Sosa, Editor-in-Chief of SB&F. Through this blog I hope to interact with the SB&F community and post news and information related to science books, videos, authors, opportunities and other topics of interest to our readers. I hope you find the blog useful and entertaining. Please, join the conversation by posting a comment on our Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you!

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  • Spotlight on Science Writers: A New Blog Series

    Last month, as part of the Subaru Loves Learning initiative, Science NetLinks launched a new blog series called Spotlight on Science Writers . To launch the series, we have begun with some of the authors whose books are being featured in the Subaru Loves Learning August Book Drive that was conducted by Subaru retailers in the Northeast region of the United States. Over 16,000 books that were winners or finalists in for the SB&F Prize will be donated to schools this month as part of this very successful program. We wanted to highlight some of the authors that were selected for this program in the blog series by having them share their thoughts with readers about why they wrote the books and...      Read more...
  • The Science NetLinks Mystery Image Contest

    This lovely set of AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize winning books can be yours if you enter the Science NetLinks Mystery Image Contest ! The Science NetLinks Mystery Image Contest puts your detective skills to the test by featuring a close-up section of a science-related image and you need to guess its identity. The contest features images that fit different science themes, like Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. To enter, simply go to the Mystery Image Contest page and enter your contact information and your guess. One winner will be chosen randomly out of all the correct answers to win a prize! Each contest will be open for about two weeks and the answer will be revealed along with...      Read more...
  • Common Core in the Science Classroom

    My colleague Bob Hirshon made this vlog (video blog) for the Verizon Thinkfinity Community about using the kinds of great science books we love here at SB&F to teach science. In it, Bob, AAAS Education Directorate head Shirley Malcom, and I talk science books and share our view that "informational" shouldn't mean boring. Along the way, we share some great literature that just happens to be about science.      Read more...
  • AAAS/Subaru Book Donation - 200 New Science Books to Indianapolis Washington Irving School 14

    Guest Blogger: Neela White, Outreach and Awards Editor, SB&F One of the great parts of my job is having the opportunity to interact with the community, more specifically, working with schools and students to coordinate the generous donations of books on behalf of our partnership with Subaru of America, and the Subaru Loves Science! Initiative. Our AAAS headquarters, based out of Washington, DC has provided book donations to area schools, but for a second consecutive year our efforts have expanded out of the DC area into Indianapolis, IN with support from the Indiana Academy of Science. In 2012, Subaru Loves Science! provided a donation of science education books to Murdock Elementary School...      Read more...
  • AAAS/Subaru Book Donation - Friendship Public Charter School

    Guest Blogger: Neela White, Outreach and Awards Editor, SB&F When I was asked to coordinate book donations for DC-area schools as part of my role as Outreach and Awards Editor with SB&F, I thought, "this is perfect!" I currently work with area elementary and middle schools on two other grants that are partnered with AAAS, and I knew that each of these schools would greatly benefit from the highly-recommended, peer-reviewed books offered by SB&F . My first school was an easy, and quick decision. I contacted a colleague that I've worked with for the past three years, Mr. Javaris Powell. Mr. Powell is the SMARTLab Facilitator at Friendship, Blow Pierce in N.E. Washington...      Read more...
  • 10 Terrific Science Books for Middle School-Aged Kids

    This is the second in a series of blog posts in which I will share my recommendations for holiday gifts for readers of all ages. This list features books that are suitable for students in grade 5 through 8. This year's SB&F Prize finalists are on the list, as are some of my personal favorites from among the books we reviewed this year. I limited my selection in each category to 10 picks. To see more choices, please visit our Amazon astore. See also, my earlier post to find picture books for younger readers. Temple Grandin : How the Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism and Changed the World, by Sy Montgomery. (Although she was diagnosed with autism, and her doctor recommended hospitalization...      Read more...
    Published 17 Dec 2012 3:34 PM by Maria Sosa
  • 10 Wonderful Children’s Science Picture Books for Your Holiday Shopping List

    This is the first of a series of blog posts in which I will share my recommendations for holiday gifts for readers of all ages, beginning with children's science picture books. This year's SB&F Prize finalists are on the list, as are some of my personal favorites from among the books we reviewed this year. I limited my selection in each category to 10 picks. To see more choices, please visit our Amazon astore. 1. Just Ducks! by Nicola Davies; illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino. (A young girl shares her observations about the mallards near her house in an engaging, informative full color story sure to make a splash with duck lovers.) 2. The Beetle Book , written and illustrated by Steve...      Read more...
  • World Forests and Climate Change

    Many organizations throughout the world are observing World Forest Day today. For example, RECOFTC - The Center for People and Forests is hosting several events in celebration of World Forest Day on March 21, and through the end of March. Forests are vital part of life on Earth, serving many functions that range from maintaining biodiversity to providing basic human needs. The world's forests also store enormous amounts of carbon dioxide, which helps mitigate climate change. Forests and trees have also been the subject of several of our SB&F prize winners, such as A Seabird in the Forest and The Wild Trees . Unfortunately, as this story from the website of the U.S. Geological Service...      Read more...
  • New interviews posted to AAAS Book Talks

    Have you stopped by AAAS Book Talks on SB&F Online lately? If not, now is a great time to check out this feature. We’ve just added three new interviews with the 2011 SB&F Prize winning authors and illustrators. You can listen to interviews with the author and illustrator of the Magic School Bus series, Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen . Their most recent installment of the series, The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge was our Children’s Science Picture Book winner this year. Hear straight from these two iconic authors about how they work together, where to find secret drawings in the books by Joanna, and what’s next for this dynamic duo. We also interviewed Loree...      Read more...
    Published 27 Jun 2011 9:53 AM by Heather Malcomson
  • Kids' Choice Award

    This year we expanded the SB&F Prize program locally by envolving DC are children in the Subaru Loves Science! Kids' Choice Award. Five area schools particpated in the program. Over 500 K-8 students read the four finalist books in both the Children's and Middle Grades categories of the SB&F Prize. The students discussed the books in class and completed voting ballets. Over 2,000 books total were read! Participating students received a hat and certificate. And the winners are..... Children's Science Picture Book: Bones by Steve Jenkins. (Scholastic, 2010) Middle Grades Science Book: The Secret of the Yellow Death: A True Story of Medical Sleuthing by Susan Jermain. (Houghton...      Read more...
    Published 15 Feb 2011 2:20 PM by Heather Malcomson
  • SB&F Prize Kids' Choice Award

    In case you missed it, the 2011 SB&F Prize finalists have been announced. Right now our judges are reading over this year's finalists to choose a winner in each category. Winners will be announced in January and honored at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in February. This year, with extra support from Subaru, we are working with DC area school children to choose a Kids' Choice Award winner in two of the categories (Children's Science Picture Book and Middle Grades Science Book). Over 500 children from area schools are reading the books, discussing them in class, and voting for their favorite. The Kids' Choice winner in each category will be announced at the AAAS...      Read more...
    Published 2 Nov 2010 10:07 AM by Heather Malcomson
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  • Annoucing the SB&F Prize Finalists!

    After reading more than 200 science books for children and young adults, the SB&F Prize judging committee has selected this year's SB&F Prize Finalists. Winners will be announced in January and honored at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washinton, DC in February. Children’s Science Picture Book Bones . Steven Jenkins. (Illus.) Scholastic, 2010. Lizards . Nic Bishop. (Illus.) Scholastic, 2010. Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge . Joanna Cole. (Illus. by Bruce Degen; from the Magic School Bus Series.) Scholastic, 2010. Why Do Elephants Need the Sun? Robert E. Well. (Illus.) Albert Whitman & Company, 2010. Middle Grades Science Book The Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey...      Read more...
    Published 13 Oct 2010 10:12 AM by Heather Malcomson
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  • SB&F Prize winning author honored by NAS

    We would like to congratulate Dr. Sallie (Penny) Chisholm on receiving the Alexander Agassiz Medal from the National Academy of Sciences for her “original contribution in the science of oceanography.” The NAS honored Penny at an awards ceremony on April 25 in conjunction with their annual meeting for her “pioneering studies of the dominant photosynthetic organisms in the sea and for integrating her results into a new understanding of the global ocean.” Along with being a preeminent oceanographer, Penny is also the co-author of this year’s SB&F Prize winning children’s book, Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life . If you have not seen this...      Read more...
    Published 26 Apr 2010 10:35 AM by Heather Malcomson
  • New books from Jean Craighead George

    As far as I am concerned Jean Craighead George is a national treasure! She has inspired a love of the natural world in thousands of children over the years with her beautiful stories. Probably best known for her books My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves , Jean has written over 100 books on about the environment and its inhabitants. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Jean at the AAAS Annual Meeting where she received the SB&F Prize Lifetime Achievement Award for her distinguished and lasting contributions to children’s science literature. She was so lovely in person and her passion and enthusiasm for writing about nature was palpable. Although she may move a little slower...      Read more...
    Published 2 Mar 2010 2:01 PM by Heather Malcomson
  • Attention San Diego Area Readers!

    Please join us in honoring the SB&F Prize winners ! A celebration with authors, Robert Gardner, Molly Bang, Pamela S. Turner, Andy Comins, and Idan Ben-Barak. Here's the details: What: 2010 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Reception When: Saturday, February 20, 2010, 5:00pm – 6:30pm Where: San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina, Del Mar Room, 333 West Harbor Drive, San Diego Why: Because great science books deserve to be celebrated! The AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books celebrates outstanding science writing and illustration for children and young adults. The prizes are meant to encourage the writing...      Read more...
    Published 29 Jan 2010 1:55 PM by Heather Malcomson