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Welcome to the SB&F Editor's Blog. I am Maria Sosa, Editor-in-Chief of SB&F. Through this blog I hope to interact with the SB&F community and post news and information related to science books, videos, authors, opportunities and other topics of interest to our readers. I hope you find the blog useful and entertaining. Please, join the conversation by posting a comment on our Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you!

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  • Our Pick for National Wildlife Week

    National Wildlife Week is the National Wildlife Federation's longest-running education program designed around teaching and connecting kids to the awesome wonders of wildlife. I'd like to mark it this year by sharing the review of a very special book on wildlife featured in our February/March issue. Traer Scott's exquisite Nocturne: Creatures of the Night contains 42 portraits of nocturnal animals. These are classic studio-type portraits and not the kind of wildlife photography we are accustomed to seeing. Instead, the animals are shown against a black background that emphasizes their magnificence and beauty, compelling us to look at them in a fresh way. Nocturne: Creatures of the...      Read more...